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 Who is to say there is one ? Who is to say that our known world isn’t just small section of a much larger plain of existence ? This lie will reveal the need for further exploration of our realm, and not the bs space .

The two things that all government want is POWER and MONEY through this lie the government has taken power and have created a debt based economy that we fund out of fear and /or curiosity . We don’t know we are the center of creation so many people do not understand how important they are . 

This lie matters more than any other . All of the works governments have played their role in this deception . Catching them in this One lie will reveal their role in all of the technology they process will become public information . This whole world will change .

There is no need for all of this scientist to be in on the lie . They simply  read data and make observations .This data and the observations are positions , Most scientist  have been deceived just as well as the public . All of the data comes from one source . That source provides manipulated data and has fooled the world .

The beautiful thing about this truth is it provides an opportunity for us to rediscover our realm . We have been led to believe that space is vast empty  vacuum of death . But what if there is more to space then what we are told ? What is there was more to our story then just an evolved monkey on a space rock ? What if the secrets of our what we call space would reveal the ultimate glory of our existence? What if your child discovered the truth ? This one lie opens a door for a rediscovery of earth , the heavens , and our consciousness , Nothing will ever be the same .