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Waking up in the Matrix

You ever feel like something is just not, right? Like maybe the world around you is less natural than we were led to believe. Now I don’t mean unnatural in the sense of synthetic material, what I mean is a synthetic system. That instead of humanity progressing forward together naturally, an interference happened.  Something along the way altered the direction of our reality.  We have been perfectly trained to not see these things so that we fit right in, so that we are the system. Like any system it requires functioning parts that support the desired outcome.  So, what is that outcome, and what role are you playing in it? For far too long we have been silently consenting to the take over of not only our home, but our HUMANITY as well.  We have been distracted by the material world and lead to believe that being a part of this system is the right thing to do.  We have been trained to believe that we are free.  When we are free to do EXACTLY as we are told to do. That fitting in is the much easier route, so sit down, shut up, and get back to work. Which is exactly what many of us have chosen to do. Seeing through the veil of this deception and into the truth is much harder then simply closing your eyes and pretending as if you see nothing.  So many chose the easy route, they chose to be a part of the system.  Drifting away blindly is just too enticing.  However, many of us have come to the realization of the reality of our world.  Our home, our humanity, and our future has been hijacked by a group of parasitic entities that benefit from the ignorance of the world.  Billions of dollars are spent every year to maintain this delusion, to maintain the Matrix.  Keeping the people blind, dumb, and asleep these monsters can guide humanity into the future that best suits THEM.  Their system is a trap, and we are ALL in it.  Perfectly designed, those stuck in the matrix are not only the prisoners, but they are the prison guards as well.  Attacking, mocking, and harassing the people trying to help is the systems way of using the people against themselves.  When the people who you are trying to help begin to attack you, it becomes very discouraging. 

Many people will awaken to this reality and keep it to themselves because of the attacks from those who they seek to help.  Therefore, we need to come together and realize the power of this matrix and its hold on the people.  For those who have not seen this truth, the lie is all they know.  To them, it is the truth.  They are not the enemy, the system is. They are simply doing what they were programmed to do.  Now this programming didn’t work on all of us.  In fact, some of us are here to be the glitch, to be the one that goes against the grain.  You can tell your position very easily by simply asking yourself, where am I?  This question all though simple, is extremely impactful and for many is enough to break free of the grips of the system and to be the glitch.  Doing so you will become the very thing the system aims to extinguish; you will be light of this dark world. The light in which we were all sparked, in which we all posses.  That light is a threat to the darkness, the very darkness that has taken over our realm will flee from your light. It always has and it always will.  You simply need to find the light INSIDE of you and the shadows will flee.  

Therefore, they seek to trap us in the matrix, not knowing the power that WE posses we have allowed them to gain control.  We have allowed them to trap the minds of the people.  Those who are trapped in this system will do anything they can to defend it.  This is because to be a part of the system, is to be the system.  You will see many people turn on you, many will attack you, in fact hardly anyone will appreciate what you are fighting for.  Although they don’t understand or appreciate what you are doing, ALL will benefit.  When this system collapses, we will see a world for the people, by the people.  This fight is not about self glory, its about doing what is right when all others fail to do so.  It is about being the beacon of hope in this dark world.  The choice is yours to make.   Will you silently consent to the destruction of humanity?  Will you allow that silence to power this system.  For many of us, it is no longer acceptable to remain silent while they attempt to snuff out the very essence of humanity.  Enough is enough, it is time for the human collective to regain our world and bring humanity back to the people.  If a world of Love and unity is to be formed, this system needs to collapse. To collapse this system, we need you to stand up, to speak up.  We need you to be the glitch in this matrix.  Wakey-Wakey​

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