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Welcome to your awakening.  For too long the people have been diluted by the material world.

This is an image of a milky way

The evil of this realm seeks to trap you, to encourage you to forget who you ARE and become what it wants you to be.  It is through the loss of our ancestorial knowledge that humanity’s down fall began. 

knowledge in which humanity will once again thrive as ONE.It is through YOUR support that this knowledge will once again reach the people.It is through your support, that we WILL change the world. Together we will bring this system to its knees. Together, we will take back our realm.

This is an image of a milky way

Waking up in the matrix

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This is an image of a milky way

Waking up in the matrix

Do you know where you are?

Do you know what you are? We the people hold the power. We have surrendered it to the monsters in charge because they have convinced us that we are NOTHING. That, could not be further from the truth. Wakey Wakey.  Time to rise and SHINE

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With your generous support and subscription we will begin the ultimate journey. Your support will get the tools and equipment needed to study our realm into the hands of those who seek the truth.

Realm or a Planet

What would you say if I were to ask you the very simple question, where are you? This question, although simple, can lead to a whole knew view on what we call reality. Many people will claim the answer to be planet Earth.

Waking up in the Matrix

You ever feel like something is just not, right? Like maybe the world around you is less natural than we were led to believe.