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What would you say if I were to ask you the very simple question, where are you?

This question, although simple, can lead to a whole knew view on what we call reality. Many people will claim the answer to be planet Earth. Now of course this is what we were all taught sense birth so surely this is true? I mean, why would anyone lie about what Earth is and what it looks like? It is only the entire foundation of our existence. It would be silly to believe that the people in charge of this place would lie about what it is. Wouldn’t it? Why does it matter any way? While many people beg the question why would the governments of the world care to lie about something like the shape of the Earth, others have found this subject to be about MUCH more then what meets the eye. Removing humanity from its rightful place at the center of our universe has created fertile soil for deception in the minds of the people.

We became open to the idea of a “planet” wide destruction from an asteroid like the dinosaurs, neither of which ever happened. We have been told that we are nothing more then evolved monkeys, living a meaningless existence. We divide ourselves by the way we look or where we are from. We see separation where we should be seeing the beauty in the diversity. That is what being a planet has to offer. A place full of separation and war. A world where children starve to death while MILLIONS of pounds of food gets thrown away everyday. A place where the people slave away for pennies while the few on top reap all of the reward.

After all, it’s survival of the fittest. If we are nothing but evolved apes, well then acting like animals is well expected. However, if the people knew that this world we all exist in is far more then a cosmic spec from the big bang would it be this way? If everyone knew that like them, the earth was created, would we see a more unified humanity? Would we see still this animalistic behavior? Do you think knowing the truth that we are in fact created, would this bring humanity back to the people? This simple question changes the perspective for those who DARE to ask, for it is the very foundation of change. A realm is Created , to be created is to have a purpose. Removing ones purpose and giving them a lie, is the foundation of the system we aim to collapse. Exposing this truth will reveal more then just the “shape’ of the earth. It will reveal those perpetrating this lie, their plan to enslave humanity, and the hidden secrets of our realm. When we come together against THEM, they will have no where to hide.

They will no longer be able to pull the strings from the shadows keeping us fighting amongst ourselves. Waking up to this reality is a choice. For many this choice is too hard to make so they will pretend as if its all a dream and will drift off into the matrix to be a part of the system. For those brave enough to question the reality, they will become the glitch, they will see their purpose and will act on it. Once you choose to be the glitch, you could never again pretend as if you did not see. At that moment you awaken to the truth of reality, you become one with the Creator, one with each other. The choice is not an easy one, nor is it the popular one, it is however the right one. It all begins with the simple question, is earth a planet, or is it a realm. For those of you brave enough to peer into the darkness and stand against the odds, you are the light in this dark world. Remember, where light goes darkness flees. So shine your light for all to see, lead the way, pave the path. Be the glitch. You were MADE to stand out.