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About Us

Welcome too your awakening.  For to long the people have been diluted by the material world. The evil of this realm seeks to trap you, to encourage you to forget who you ARE and to become what it wants you to be. It is through the loss of our ancestorial knowledge that humanity’s down fall began. It is through the rediscovery of this hidden knowledge in which humanity will once again thrive as ONE. It is through YOUR support that this knowledge will once again reach the people. It is through your support, that we WILL change the world. Together we will bring this system to its knees. Together, we will take back our realm.

Our Goals 

Do you know where you are?

Do you know what you are? We the people hold the power. We have surrendered it to the monsters in charge because they have convinced us that we are NOTHING. That, could not be further from the truth. Wakey Wakey.  Time to rise and SHINE

Once your eyes have been opened to the lie , the veil forever drops and the truth of reality sinks in , It would be much easier to close your eyes and pretend to be asleep then standing up and facing this fact .

Unearth the lie of the heliocentric model , The thought that the earth is an oblate spheroid floating in the vacuum of space is no less of a theory  then the big bang itself . Subscribe today and unearth the truth with us here and on but other social media platforms .

The choise is yours , you can choose to speak up , to be the glitch in the matrix . Or you can choose to be a part of it . However , Once you open this door it can never be shut. Choose wisely . 

Unearthing the globe lie is about far more than just shape of the earth. The government of the world are suppressing technology that your tax dollars fund . When the truth is unearthed , so will all of the medical and energy technology being hidden for corporate greed .

Our Goals 

Behind The work

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In a world full of lost souls blinded by darkness and deception, will you be the LIGHT. Will you boldly walk into the shadows to be a beacon of hope so those who are lost, could be found? If not to be lost, could you ever be found