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Unearthing Reality
Unearthing Reality
Episode 47 The Alien Disclosure and XRP update.

In This episode we go over the so-called alien discloser and what we might expect from this. We go over all the current theories and ideas and try to understand what is actually going on. In the second have we dig into the XRP stages and what is really going on in the background.

4 responses to “Episode 47 The Alien Disclosure and XRP update.”

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    I swear, this new website is worse than the previous version. I’m currently logged in as a member and it is only allowing 40 mins of this episode. What a joke.

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      Same for me – paid for membership, and now it is inactive. Contacted admin, waiting for reply.

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        I had to go and remove my card information because they pulled a payment after they announced the shut down and wouldn’t refund it and still hasn’t refunded it.

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