Episode 32 The metaphysical nature of our realm.

April 6, 2023
Unearthing Reality
Unearthing Reality
Episode 32 The metaphysical nature of our realm.

Episode 32 The metaphysical nature of our realm. Join us in todays episode where we openly discuss the nature of reality and the tools that can be used to alter our state of mind. We dig into the world of the unseen and speculate on what it is, where we are, and what we are doing here. The things that we discuss are controversial and are intended to be for entertainment purposes and not advice. Adult supervision is advised.


5 thoughts on “Episode 32 The metaphysical nature of our realm.”

  • Avatar Chickenips says:

    I smoke dabs daily about 12 I dont smoke at work. I dream nightly and i become aware pretty quickly in my dream and i can have active actions but the course of events i cant change, i can react but that’s it. I’ve never meditated or anything but I have been told by strangers that are spiritual that I am very spiritual. What do you recommend for me

  • Avatar RussB555 says:

    I can’t find members podcasts either like the others in this thread. There are a ton of ads though lol.

  • Avatar Sykky says:

    I paid membership and i cant get members podcasts,can someone help?
    I cant wait to listen full episoded.

  • Avatar Rholland86 says:

    Awesome chat 🤙🏻 if anyone is interested in learning more about astral projection and how to do it I highly recommend the book “ the phase” by Michael Raduga ! Game changing stuff

  • Avatar Donna Dalzell says:

    Not sure why i cant hear the full podcast as am subscribed – cant see the members only button on my screen? Can you help please
    Love listening to you both

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