Episode 41 The alien agenda.

June 13, 2023
Unearthing Reality
Unearthing Reality
Episode 41 The alien agenda.

Episode 41 The alien agenda.In this episode we dive into the recent so called alien crash landing in Nevada and the overall alien agenda. There is so much up for question with the mainstream narrative you never really know what to believe anymore. One thing is for sure, something big is coming. Will you be ready? Follow us over to the second half to hear how we plan on breaking free from this matrix we have been enslaved in.


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  • Avatar Conspiranon says:

    Is anyone looking at the comments or emails??
    It’s been weeks maybe a couple months now that I’ve been paying for a membership but not able to access members podcast. I’ve been a member since the beginning but this is only a recent problem. It’s very frustrating not to get any correspondence about the issue. I don’t want to pull my subscription but maybe I will till things get fixed?

    • Avatar Dare_ik says:

      did you verify your email? Thats the big part and it has to be done for the terms of service. i am sending your email to the developer and he will make sure to get you free subscription to off set this for you.

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