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Unearthing Reality
Unearthing Reality
Episode 29 The Energetic World With divine Being

Episode 29 The Energetic World With divine Being. In this episode we go over the beautiful level earth we call our home and discuss the idea that everything is energy in motion. We discuss the nature of existence and the deeper truth that is found in the Bible. Our guest Devine Being is the author of the Hearth book where he has perfectly illustrated the concepts that words cant describe. There is so much for us to discover and uncover about our beautiful home, changing the way the people see the world will change the world. Come join us today and see our views not only on the nature of the world around you, but also the nature and purpose of your existence. We are all a part of the beautiful and intricate design of this world where duality is mandatory and only YOU can decide where you stand and the role you want to play in the course of humanity.

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    … The majority of every episode is Kaleb cutting people off.

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