ep 37
Author: Dare_ik
Unearthing Reality
Unearthing Reality
Episode 37 Vibration, Energy, and Frequency With Derek Condit

Episode 37 Vibration, Energy, and Frequency . In today’s episode we dive into the energetic side of existence and the potential for rediscovering the long-lost secrets once cherished by our ancestors. The power of the mind is an amazing thing that should not be squandered. By limiting our beliefs, they limit our potential. The truth of who we are is being covered up because of WHO WE ARE. We are the greatest creation of all time. By convincing us that we are nothing we become just that. Waking up to this truth will forever change the world. Knowledge is power, he who controls the knowledge controls the people. Don’t be a pawn in their system, be a glitch.

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