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Unearthing Reality
Unearthing Reality
Episode 38 Atomism With Austin Witsit

Episode 38 Atomism With Austin Witsit . Join us today as we deep dive into the so called quantum world and the energetic properties it contains. Those in charge will tell you anything that they need to convince you of the lie they seek to sell you, and atomism is a great example of this. They have discovered and are currently studying the very energy that we are not only made of, but permeates the world around us. They call this energy the “atom.” They are giving a physical property to this energy because they simply can not admit that science is not able to explain the true nature of our reality. They refuse to apply the metaphysical aspect to the illusion we call matter. The understanding of this side of reality will crush their matrix and bring the power back to the people, so they dilute the minds of the masses to maintain their control. Their game ends when enough people awaken from the deep slumber they have casted humanity into and say enough is enough.

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