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With your generous support and subscription we will begin the ultimate journey.  Your support will get the tools and equipment needed to study our realm into the hands of those who seek the truth.  As we grow together and uncover the unknown we will expand our tools and broaden our search.  We want to hear what YOU want and incorporate as many of you in our journey as we possibly can. Your support will not only allow us to give our full attention to this fight, but it will support the rising of the collective human consciousness. Unearthing the true reality and nature of this realm is the change we have all been waiting for. It all begins with the simple question, are with


P1000: With the p1000 we will set out and look for the curve. Together we will take long distance photos from multiple vantage points to give you the best possible view.​

Digital Telescopes:  Having a high quality telescope in the hands of a flat earther is a dangerous thing for the globe. With a good telescope, we will reclaim the stars.​

Drones:  Getting an aerial view is a great way to add a new vantage point to the picture. Instead of having one distorted photo from the ground, we will be able to get 3 vantage points when looking for the curve. One on the beach, one on the boat, and one in the air.​